Outside of the lawsuit, we would like to obtain funding for a national education campaign. What should the campaign involve? Here are our ideas:

  • 17-year-old Deej Logan had always coached others never to text and drive. She was composing a text message on her phone while she was driving at 63 mph. She crashed into a school bus and was killed. She clearly did not UNDERSTAND WHY she should not text and drive. There is no point in just repeating the slogan "Don't Text and Drive." It didn't work on Deej Logan and it's not working on tens of millions of drivers, especially teens. We must EXPLAIN WHY it's so dangerous. Prove to them (i) that the road is INVISIBLE to them when they are using a smartphone or smartwatch; and (ii) whatever they are doing on the smartphone or smartwatch such as text messaging actually HYPNOTIZES them, so that they completely FORGET THAT THEY ARE DRIVING. Clearly Deej Logan forgot that she was driving.
  • "TURN OFF THE WATCH." Make it abundantly clear that looking at and using a smartwatch while driving may well be fatal. Graphically demonstrate the point! If people want to wear the watch when they drive, ask them to switch it off or place it in Do Not Disturb mode.
  • "WHERE ARE MY EYES?" Make people check on themselves by telling them that they must repeat this slogan in their mind and even say it out loud when driving.
  • Stunts like this:



  • We propose that a nationwide toll-free telephone service be established to operate 24 hours a day every day of the year. Anyone who needs to discuss using a cellphone, smartphone, or smartwatch while driving could call and receive advice on a confidential basis, including hearing WHY it's so dangerous and information about settings and drive mode apps. Texting and other phone usage is an ADDICTION and must be treated as such.
  • Parents may want their teenage children to speak with someone knowledgable. Teenagers may well not want to hear it from a parent. The parent can demand that the teen speak with a counselor on the toll-free service before signing off on a license or getting the teen a car.
  • It's not only teens who need counseling. Here's video of a Greyhound bus driver blatantly texting while transporting passengers. 



  • Intelligent TV ads, including during music and sports events
  • Super Bowl ads
  • Radio ads
  • Social media
  • School and college programs, including discussions groups and use of driving simulators
  • Celebrity involvement is crucial. We want to see every celebrity on board.
  • Get more people who have been injured or lost loved ones to speak out, including having them visit schools and colleges.
  • Get people who have caused deaths or injuries to other people while texting and driving to speak out about how it changed their lives and the terrible impact that they have had on other people's lives. (See video below.)
  • A school bus driver who was texting caused the deaths of three people, including two girls ages 6 and 7 and a teacher's aide. (See below.)